AVE debate: the sequel

Well, my recent blog on AVE and the Meltwater report by Robert Wynne has certainly stirred up debate. Robert got in touch with me to clarify the point about the use of a 5x multiplier as a means of calculating …

The AVE debate

An interesting report has recently been published by Meltwater, the media monitoring and analysis company.  Titled, ‘Estimating the real value of Public Relations’ and authored by communications expert, Robert Wynne, the report espouses the advantages of AVE, or Advertising Value …


Video Showreel

We’ve produced countless videos on a wide range of subjects. Take a look at our showreel and see how we can help your business with video content!


What are PR agencies looking for in clients?

Bit of a cheeky question but why shouldn’t we think of things from this perspective. As an agency we will be working with a client 4 or 5 days a week, 52ish weeks of the year – enjoying that relationship …


The alternative to paying for PR retainers

PR retainers can be wonderful things. Everyone involved knows how much is going out or coming in every month. The agency knows that costs are covered and the client knows there is just one invoice to sign off and hand …