We believe that the journey with every client should be one of continuous discovery. Discovery is the key tool for unearthing inspiration, ideas and insight, and applies at every level of our relationship.

Discovery starts on the first day that we do business together, beginning with an intensive crash course in your company, its products, technologies, services, markets, customers and people.  Depending on our role, we’ll then produce a marketing, PR or content plan, which guides our initial activities, with the flexibility to be adapted as work progresses and as needs evolve.

Most importantly, discovery does not then remain frozen in time.  It is inherent in every subsequent action that we take, underpinning the way in which we develop our relationship in the short, medium and long term.

This means that you’re not simply hiring an agency.  You’re partnering with an experienced team of marketing, PR and digital professionals with the curiosity, wherewithal and motivation to constantly search for ways of improving and developing the tools, channels and solutions that add maximum impact and value to your business.

Here are just a few of the ways in which our approach to constant discovery makes a real difference to our clients:

  • Market insight – we’re constantly monitoring the media for new developments that might provide us with a fresh angle for clients’ PR activities; that same monitoring also provides ideas and information that you can use to inform your sales or product development processes
  • Competitor monitoring – we keep an eye on what your competitors are up to, giving you early warning of activities that might impact your business
  • Deep diving – we invest considerable time and effort diving deep under your corporate skin; we know that the more we understand about your business the better the long term results that we deliver
  • Relationship building – we’re in regular contact with all designated members of your team, gaining fresh knowledge and insight that we can convert to effective ideas and content for marketing, PR or digital activities
  • Blue sky thinking – our work with clients throughout industry means that we’re exposed to many new ideas, insights and disruptive thinking, which we can interpret and apply to your business.  This can, for example, lead to the exploration of new angles for communications messages, a fresh approach to application of traditional marketing channels, or the inspired use of new digital tools.