How to generate B2B sales leads

Market awareness, brand image and reputation are important for all businesses. Ultimately, however, its profitable sales that matter most.

B2B prospecting and lead generation have traditionally been the preserve of an in-house sales team. Although there are merits in this approach it is usually better for highly skilled and knowledgeable sales people to concentrate on prospect nurturing, relationship building and lead conversion. This is especially true for high value or long cycle sales.

Early stage B2B lead management is normally best handled by a dedicated tele-sales function, either in-house or, more cost effectively, using a specialised tele-marketing agency.

Prospecting a known database is one aspect. But how can you reach all those other companies that you may not have heard of, but who may still need your products and services?

This is where we step in. We have the skills, experience and contacts to help you reach the wider market by industry sector or geography. Typically, the tools that we use to generate B2B sales leads include:

  • PR – both online and in print
  • Online advertising banners and buttons
  • E-shots via third party databases
  • PPC and LinkedIn advertising
  • Web site landing pages, with analytics and IP tracking tools
  • Social media and other online channels

In each case, we will either generate new marketing assets or reuse existing materials to attract attention and draw traffic through to our client’s web site. These might be white papers, thought leadership or training videos, infographics or technical articles.