B2B Industrial

The B2B industrial, manufacturing and process sectors have become increasingly globalised and, as a result, more competitive than ever before.


Yet with competitive challenges have come fresh opportunities.  Economic growth and industrialisation in developing nations have opened up new markets around the world, while advances in technology are bringing about a renaissance in manufacturing.


We’ve specialised in providing PR and marketing support to companies throughout the B2B industrial sector for over 30 years, partnering with clients through good times and bad.  We’ve seen recessions come and go, been at the forefront – and launched – emerging technologies such as 3D printing, induction sealing and turbo compressor technology, and witnessed the growth in the latest trends, including Industry 4.0, Big Data and the Internet of Things.


We talk the same language as our clients and their customers in the B2B industrial, manufacturing and process sectors.  We understand the challenges they face, the routes to market – direct, distribution, system integrators and OEM – and appreciate that sales cycles can be measured in months and years.  We also know how to get clients’ key messages across, powerfully and consistently, and to sustain insightful, stimulating and engaging communications on a single subject over a long period of time.


We’re proud of our heritage as one the oldest technical PR agencies in the UK, and of our industrial clients – all whom produce innovative and often amazing technologies.  We’re passionate about helping them succeed, about the potential we can deliver from our PR, marketing and digital services, and about how can use our knowledge and experience to produce outstanding results for each and every client, day and day, year after year.


To find out how we can help you meet your business, marketing or sales goals please get in touch today.

B2B Industrial
B2B Industrial
B2B Industrial

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B2B Industrial

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What we do

We build your brand and reputation, develop your market positioning, help you engage with your customers and generate your sales leads.


We've over 30 years of experience in B2B PR, and understand how to build your brand and reputation in an ever more competitive world.

B2B Marketing

Our B2B marketing services will drive your market profile, transforming your customer engagement and lead generation.

B2B Content Marketing

Our B2B content marketing expertise will maximise your online profile, web traffic and sales enquiries.


Our B2B SEO and PPC knowledge will drive your web site authority, optimise search engine rankings and high click-thrus.

B2B Video

Our B2B video expertise will captivate and inspire your customers, creating stories that drive action and demand.

B2B Graphic Design

Our graphic design skills will transform your printed and digital material, ensuring attention, interest and action.