B2B Scientific

We have a passion for science and technology – a passion for understanding how our clients’ products and systems work, and how new advances and fresh thinking can change the way in which people and businesses operate.


Understanding our clients’ technology is, however, only part of the story.  Equally important is our knowledge of the B2B scientific, laboratory and healthcare sectors in which businesses operate, and of the demands faced by companies in rapidly moving international and national markets.


Bringing all this together means that we’re able to develop, manage and implement extremely successful PR, marketing and digital programmes, which add measurable value to each client.


Over the years we’ve worked with manufacturers of instrumentation equipment, ranging from gas chromatographs to water, air quality and noise monitoring systems, companies supplying water purification systems for critical laboratory and healthcare applications, and suppliers of sterilisation and disinfection services.


As a result, we know how to translate often highly technical information into messaging and materials that work hard to promote our clients.  Just as importantly, we know the best channels to reach the different target audiences, including decision makers, specifiers and influencers.


If you’d like to discuss how we can help you reach, influence and motivate your target audience, please contact us today.

B2B Scientific
B2B Scientific
B2B Scientific

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What we do

We build your brand and reputation, develop your market positioning, help you engage with your customers and generate your sales leads.


We've over 30 years of experience in B2B PR, and understand how to build your brand and reputation in an ever more competitive world.

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B2B Video

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B2B Graphic Design

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