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Creating, establishing and maintaining an industrial brand, in an era where brand loyalties are being becoming increasingly important for competitive differentiation, depends on many factors.  These include a clear sense of vision, compelling messaging, consistent and aligned behaviour and strong values, shared across the business.

We understand the importance of brand and ensure that your brand values are reflected across your marketing and sales channels, to ensure a consistent customer experience.  For start-up and growth businesses we can help to develop and reveal brand identity.  For established brands we can harmonise the often disparate interpretations of branded materials and channels that have evolved over time, returning a common sense of image and direction.

Creating your brand identity

Brand starts with solid research, insight and a deep understanding of each business and its competitive positioning in its chosen markets. Only then can the brand design and evolution process begin.

Our skilled team of marketing and graphic designers has many years of experience in developing brand identities, starting from a clean sheet, or refreshing or updating existing brands to give them new life and fresh competitive appeal.

We then work through an iterative process of design ideas, evolving, testing and refining until we reach the ultimate solution that truly captures the essence of your business.

We can then work with your team to roll out the new brand across all channels and materials, ensuring that it’s used consistently and to maximum effect.

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Building brand consistency

A brand is defined not by its design or appearance, but by the behaviour of the business and that people that it represents. 

Although it is not our role to advise on company culture or behaviour, we can ensure that its core beliefs and philosophies are reflected accurately across all communication channels and materials.   

This includes interpreting the key messages that epitomise your business ethos and delivering these consistently in each external – and if appropriate, internal – communication, from social media posts to white papers, exhibition graphics to conference speeches. 

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How we help you meet your marketing and sales challenges

With a deep understanding of your objectives, industry and target markets, we engineer and deliver a marketing plan that delivers measurable and long-lasting results.

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