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Content. A fancy word that describes many of the marketing materials you may already produce.

But compelling content that truly drives customer action requires a fresh approach; an approach based on a deep understanding of what motivates your customers, both emotionally and rationally; an approach that delivers real insight, which is unique to your business.

That’s where step in. We understand technology, markets, applications and your customers. We know what motivates them and how to craft content that resonates with them, from social media posts, blogs and infographics to white papers, executive briefs and industry reports. Download our content creation guide below.

Integrated content marketing

Well-crafted, professionally created content is extremely powerful. It allows you to communicate valuable, relevant and consistent messaging to your audience to help create and build a relationship.

Formulating high quality, original B2B content requires detailed subject knowledge, skills and experience – which is where we come in.  With our technical and industrial marketing experience we’ve been writing high quality content for clients for almost 40 years.

Our technical authors understand your needs, your audience and your market, which gives us a head start and saves you time and money. This means there are no delays, we thrive on learning about your business, new technologies, materials and applications ensuring that the copy we produce for you is always fresh, insightful, engaging and inspiring.

Good content is a great investment that helps your customers make better purchasing decisions. By developing content that is useful, informative, impactful and accurate, you can demonstrate your expertise, integrity and value to would-be purchasers.

Content performance

We’ve tested headlines, copy, design and placement of elements in banner ads and so much more. In fact, we’re quite nerdy about looking at the details and how content performs.

The content we’ve written for our clients has:

  • driven web pages up the search rankings
  • engaged prospects, making it easier for sales teams to convert them into customers
  • offered answers to issues faced by customers – adding value, offering fantastic customer service and strengthening relationships.
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