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Inbound marketing: drive awareness, interest, desire and action

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Traditional methods of sales and marketing no longer work.  Advertising, cold calling and other methods of trying to interrupt customers with your brand and product messages are largely ignored.  Instead, customers are conducting their own research and making decisions about which suppliers they want to work with, before they consider contacting your business.

These decisions are based on what they see, read, hear and discover about the solutions to their challenges, and what they learn about potential suppliers.

Inbound marketing is about making your business relevant to customer challenges and pain points, and then delivering the insight, ideas and inspiration that attract awareness, interest, desire and action.  Inbound marketing may be the solution you need to create a fresh and exciting market dynamic that produces real ROI.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a process of attracting customers to your business; of drawing them inwards towards you because you are seen as the influential player in your sector offering a wealth of insight, knowledge and experience.

Your web site naturally forms the heart of this process, with your on- and off-line channels feeding prospective customers into the centre.

The goals of inbound marketing are essentially threefold: to build awareness of your business and position it as an authority; to engage and nurture prospective customers; and to drive demand.

For your audience to want to make contact with you, you need to earn their trust and respect. To do this, you need to help them, not sell to them. Let them conduct their research, don’t interrupt them with adverts or phone calls; instead, deliver helpful, meaningful content, which adds value to their experience or guides them towards a solution that is relevant to their need, challenge or pain points.

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Your inbound marketing partner

As a HubSpot partner, we are passionate and knowledgeable about the inbound marketing methodology.  We work with you to reveal the true insight that resonates with your key audiences, and segment each audience to reflect the fact that most B2B buying decisions involve multiple decision makers and influencers – each of whom may have different interests and requirements.

We then create compelling and authoritative content that is promoted through each of your paid, earned, shared and owned channels.

HubSpot allows us to create an automated, intelligent and easily managed process that nurtures your customers and prospects as they progress along the journey from awareness to the point of purchase and beyond.  It’s powerful, efficient and leads to higher sales, greater customer loyalty and an unbeatable ROI.

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