Paid Social Advertising and PPC

Integrating PPC in an inbound marketing strategy produces quality leads

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Online advertising using tools such as Google AdWords and LinkedIn Sponsored Content can be a highly effective method of targeting your customers and prospects, and of driving demand.

Success depends on a clear definition of the audience segments, an understanding of their challenges and needs, and having a solid offer, with a clear call to action.

We’ve considerable experience in managing on-line advertising campaigns. We’ve found that the best results are achieved using either high value marketing assets or, for commodity products, sales incentive offers, as the hooks to capture interest.  In each case, the use of dedicated landing pages and, ideally, a customer nurturing platform such as HubSpot are needed to understand customer behaviour, generate quality leads and maximise ROI.

What is PPC?

Pay-Per-Click refers to paid advertising available from search engines, as well as social media platforms. For most of our industrial clients, the key tools are Google AdWords and LinkedIn, which offers a number of advertising options; in some instances, for example where might want to reach commercial vehicle owner/drivers or self-employed builders, then FaceBook and other platforms can be effective.

The most common formats are:

  • Search ads: a method of presenting text ads when your audiences is researching online.
  • Display ads: a form of online advertising that comes in various forms, such as, banner or rich media ads which are displayed on various approved search engine websites.
  • Shopping ads: These are product based ads that are featured across Google’s search and shopping results.

Incorporating PPC into your marketing strategy is a great way to extend the reach of your brand and capture the attention of your audience.

Targeted social media tactics refer to paid-for ads presented within LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You are still paying for each click, form fill, or reach. All these channels offer a way to promote a message quicker and easier to your desired audience. It can complement an overall social media marketing strategy or contribute to your inbound marketing efforts.

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Why is PPC important? 

Whether you are looking for a boost in website traffic, want to promote a service, or are looking for instant on-line exposure then paid advertising can be a great method of connecting with your audience. To align your on-line presence with the interests of potential buyers requires a mix of analytics, insight, and creativity to ensure success.

Our advertising management services are geared towards providing you a solid ROI. With many years of experience in our team, we can combine intelligent, high impact and cost-effective PPC and paid social campaigns that deliver rapid results. We do the heavy lifting. We formulate an effective strategy based on your business needs and align it to what your target audience wants.

When used correctly, PPC can offer a wealth of insight on the search behaviour of your target audience along with industry trends. This insight can drive optimisation on your website and content, making sure it’s always the best it can be. Ultimately, our goal is to give you the best return on investment from your digital marketing budget, delivering the most value and making the right connections with your customers.

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