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PR is a powerful and influential tool for establishing and developing market or brand awareness, for educating, inspiring and motivating your audiences.

PR has always been about identifying, creating and telling great stories – stories that connect with your audience both emotionally and rationally.

Today, PR and inbound marketing are closely aligned; in practical terms this means that the trade, technical business and national media forms part of your PESO model, where paid, earned, shared and owned sales and marketing channels are integrated to deliver a common set of messages that drive customer action.

We have specialised in industrial and technical PR for almost 40 years. We know how to create and deliver compelling stories that explain your unique technologies, products, services or approach to market.

Building a winning industrial PR plan

To develop a winning campaign, you’ll need interesting, insightful and engaging content for the media: a combination of technical articles, opinion pieces, news, profiles, case studies and blogs to deliver your key messages and help your audiences get to know you better. In addition to developing this type of content for you, we can support your team with face-to-face media briefings at product launches and exhibitions.

The beauty of content is that, once it’s been created, it can be reproduced in many different ways across multiple channels so it’s a great investment.

We deliver outstanding results for our clients and measure every activity, drilling down and using using in-depth measurement metrics that prove the value and impact of PR. With an enviable package of strong industry knowledge, PR skills and press contacts that set us apart, why not give us a call to see how we can help improve awareness, understanding and positioning of your business, its products and your expert team.

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Our approach to Technical PR

It used to be said that success in PR depended solely on the relationship that agencies had with journalists. 

Although this may still partially be true when it comes to dealing with the national media, for the trade, technical and business it’s all about the ideas that we offer to editors.   

We have an unrivalled track record of placing and publishing heavyweight technical and feature articles for our clients. Our success isn’t based on boozy lunches with journalists, but on a rock-solid understanding of our clients and their technologies, of the needs of the target media, and an ability to bring the two together in a way that results in authoritative, engaging and interesting media coverage.

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