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Social media can be an influential tool to reach your industrial audience

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A common perception of social media marketing is that it’s a background channel to push out basic information because it’s required by the laws of marketing. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Social media in the B2B space, especially the industrial and related sectors, is about sharing knowledge, ideas and insight.  It’s most definitely not about outright selling!

Never forget that even though your audience may be engineers, logistics professionals or senior managers, they are still humans – even in their working environment.  They have the same desire as the rest of us to discover fresh ideas, new ways of doing their jobs better or faster, and an interest in what their colleagues and contemporaries are up to.  Social media channels, among others, provide a great conduit for this knowledge sharing; the key is to understand which channel, or channels, are the most influential.

For most of our clients, this means LinkedIn, if they want to reach a technical and managerial audience; Twitter if it’s investors or journalists; and maybe Facebook if you need to reach specific groups of professionals or tradespeople, such as motor mechanics.

In each case, we provide the support you need, analysing your audience, gathering insight, producing marketing assets that grab attention, creating posts and engaging with influencers to spread your messages as widely as possible. Download our social media guide below.

Adding social media to your strategy 

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Many people forget that social media is another marketing channel for communicating and interacting with your audience.

The benefits of using social media to engage with your audience are well-known, it’s immediate, you can measure success, and you can engage in a realtime dialogue. It’s also a relaxed environment that encourages your audience to share their interests and what they would like to discuss.

We often hear from clients who are concerned about the time it takes to run a social media campaign, primarily because of all of the above. It’s easy to get involved in responding to online conversations and, before you know it, you’re helping out with issues, directing your audience to fantastic content and getting involved in industry debate.

This is all great because it’s positioning you as helpful and knowledgeable, which is a fantastic way of building a relationship, but it can distract you from all of your other marketing responsibilities that may be of equal or more importance.

To find out how we can help you drive conversations and strengthen relationships with your key accounts and/or prospects via social media, download our guide below.

Social support

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We’re here to help. We can provide you with as little or as much social support as you want. Because we live and breathe marketing, we know how to set the right tone, promote your key messages and deliver social media content and posts that are designed to meet your overall marketing and business objectives. Whether you want to build awareness, educate or identify potential business enquiries, we can help you open a dialogue in the right way with the right people.

Using intelligent written content, eye-catching images and easily digestible video footage, we ensure you’re seen, and measure engagement, so that you can report back internally with some great results. We can also manage digital advertising with full web links for transparent measurement.

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