sales and marketing seminar

Learn how sales and marketing alignment can boost revenues

New seminar from local sales and marketing experts will help SMEs in the manufacturing and industrial sectors improve the impact of their business development programmes.

Two local sales and marketing specialists have teamed up to offer a seminar designed to help manufacturing and industrial businesses in the Milton Keynes area build even more effective business development programmes.

Run jointly by marketing expert, Nick Brooks, and sales specialist, Andrew Wilcock, the seminar explains why too many businesses fail to align their sales and marketing efforts, and provides fresh guidance that local manufacturers can apply to improve the impact of their business development activities.

Nick Brooks explains, “The world of sales and marketing has changed dramatically in recent years.  Not only do we have a host of new channels and tools with which to communicate with customers, we have also experienced a radical change in buying behaviour.  In particular, where once the supplier was in control of the sales process, now the customer is in control.

“This requires a completely different approach to both marketing and sales – a subject that will be the focus of the seminar.  Our goal is to give manufacturing and industrial companies in the Milton Keynes area a fresh outlook and new ideas that will help them sell even more effectively.”

Andrew Wilcock adds, “People often believe that sales and marketing are separate disciplines, with marketing in particular being impossible to measure effectively. These perceptions might have once been true, but are no longer valid in today’s fast moving and highly competitive marketplace.

“Success now depends on an integrated, process based approach.  Our seminar will introduce concepts such as PESO models and Sales Process Optimisation to turbocharge companies’ new business development.”

The Marketing and Sales Success Seminar will be held at Challenge House, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 6DP on Friday 30th November 2018.  For more details and to register click here.