Ongoing SEO or One-off SEO? 4CM explain which one is right for you

Ongoing SEO or One-off SEO? 4CM explains which one is right for you

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is more commonly known, aims to improve the search engine rankings of a brand or individual.  It requires technical knowledge and a detailed understanding of the requirements and changes in search engine environments. The web is a dynamic and ever-changing environment and SEO is a process because what works today, won’t necessarily work tomorrow.

Contact us to explain the difference between ongoing SEO and one-off SEO, and where these offerings should be used:

Ongoing SEO

Ongoing SEO is ideal for companies looking to grow a strong and well-positioned website against competitors. Using monthly maintenance, keyword and phrases are easier to rank. Search terms and trends change daily, so by completing ongoing seo each month, your website is guaranteed to have a great level of optimisation.

Ongoing Review of Analytics

Ongoing analytics review enables a company to make smarter decisions. With consistent monitoring of traffic referrals and the setting of subsequent website goals and funnels, the site can be fine-tuned to make the most of ever-changing consumer interaction.

Ongoing Link Earning Efforts 

Link earning is an important part of SEO, but it needs to be handled with care. Search engines want to see links to your website on other high-quality sites, not on fly-by-night link farms, or even dubious guest blogging sites. The only way to achieve this is to reach out, build relationships and share content with the owners of high-quality sites. This process takes time – but search engines reward slow, gradual, natural growth.

Ongoing Content Creation 

Over the past 5 years, algorithm updates by Google have shown increasing preferences for websites with fresh, original and recent material. This is more important now than ever before. Content needs to include relevant keywords so that it meets the objects of your overall SEO strategy. This is made easier by having an ongoing SEO service and ensuring website optimisation is a long-term priority.

Ongoing Analysis of the Competition

The competitive field changes just as quickly. Not only who you compete against, but how, when, where and why they compete. It can be a full-time job just keeping up with all the changes.

Ongoing Attention to Algorithm Changes

The rules search engines use to decide ‘who ranks where?’ changes daily. Matt Cutts, Google’s official “search” spokesperson, has stated “… we tend to make a change to our core search algorithms at least once a day… 350 to 400 times a year”.

It is in Google’s best interests to ensure customers get the best results possible.

One-off SEO? 

Although ongoing SEO is the ideal, there is also an argument for one-off SEO. This is of particular relevance when a site is being built, or a client wants their site optimised.

For example, when a brand-new website has gone live, optimisation is suggested to bring the website up to a standard that search engines require. It can take a few months for search engines to react and see that a new website is live. With regular content updates, this will ensure that the site is well optimised at the time search engines react.

An initial SEO ‘boost’ is always recommended for new websites. However, if you have an existing site which you want to grow through positioning on search engines, then you will require an ongoing monthly SEO specialist.

Whether you have complex or simple SEO requirements, the benefits of ongoing monthly activity strongly outweigh those of one-off SEO. It isn’t just a matter of convincing the search engines that you should be ranked well, but it is also an ongoing battle with your competitors for those highly sought after first page positions.

If you would like some guidance on navigating the SEO maze, why not contact us at 4CM to discuss your website search engine optimisation and let us help your company rise through the rankings.