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Grabbing attention at the Health & Safety Show

Imagination and hard work wins social media award

Casella - Raise awareness and build engagement

Our mission

Our goal was simple: raise awareness and build engagement with Casella’s new, next generation noise dosimeterdBadge2, during its launch at the Health and Safety Eventa premier exhibition for occupational hygienists and health and safety professionals. 

The key theme for the launch was ‘Get Connected’, to demonstrate the dBadge’s wireless connectivity. This was part of a wider initiative to convince our target audience to give occupational health the same priority as occupational safety.  

Working with a small budget, we needed to convey these key messages in a manner that would engage with visitors and other exhibitors at The Health and Safety Event using social media, and particularly Twitter, as the primary communications channel. 

How we did it

Simplicity was the key to success for this campaign. We created signs with key messages and used the hashtag #CasellaGetConnected to create a reference point.  We used these to capture images of exhibitors and visitors and asked if they would be kind enough to help us spread the wordthe majority happily joined in the fun. These photos were then posted to Twitter throughout the event and our supporters acknowledged. 

We also went to a number of seminars during the event and tweeted live with quotes, raising discussion points and opportunities for further engagement. 

The results

This simple campaign produced a major impact. It won the category for ‘Best Use of Social Media’ award at The Health & Safety Event. It also generated a huge increase in Twitter traffic: 

  • Reach of 81,634 – 98% increase from the previous week 
  • 33 new followers gained during the show – 52% increase from previous week 
  • 69 retweets – 84% increase from previous week 
  • 16 mentions – 56% increase from week before 

Sales Manager, Jim Struthers said, Such a simple campaign created a real buzz around the show and helped us engage further with notable organisations, including BOHS and IOSH among others. The campaign also gained us more followers on Twitter and, more critically, helped to spread the messages of connectivity and treating health like safety. 

Neal Hill, Product Marketing Manager, Casella, was delighted. “4CM’s social media campaign at the Health & Safety Event was a real inspiration, securing the organiser’s Best Use of Social Media award, much to the annoyance of our competitors! 

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