What are PR agencies looking for in clients

What are PR agencies looking for in clients?

Bit of a cheeky question but why shouldn’t we think of things from this perspective. As an agency we will be working with a client 4 or 5 days a week, 52ish weeks of the year – enjoying that relationship and getting mutual benefit from it is vital!

People that work within the PR & Marketing industry, tend to be people people. As humans we naturally gravitate towards people we have a connection with. Now, deciding only to work with people that you like isn’t the best way to run a business but the initial emotional instinct you have will play a massive part in the final decision.

So what are PR agencies looking for in clients? Below are a few things that we look for:

A positive and proactive attitude
And not just from the clients, this is something that has to work both ways.

Prepared to listen to advice
Clients hire agencies for expertise that they don’t have in house. Don’t be afraid to listen – by all means question, probe and debate but it’s the listening that’s really important.

Not afraid to experiment
Not to go completely out of the comfort zone but willing to take a calculated risk or try something new. Also being able to think long term, understanding that fundamental change won’t happen overnight or in one press release/article/advert/email.

Feedback and communication
Both good and bad! Agencies need to know where we stand and what the client thinks, otherwise as an agency we will never improve.

Nick Brooks

Nick is the founder and Managing Director of 4CM Ltd with over 35 years experience in developing powerful and cost effective marketing, media and communications programmes.