PR analytics

An introduction to PR Analytics

Analysing the analytics results from PR activities need not be a complex process, provided some basic rules are followed.  In particular, the use of the Barcelona Principles can provide an excellent starting point for PR analytics.

The world of public relations (PR) has experienced a huge industry-wide evolution over the last ten years.

Despite the positive change that has resulted from the Internet and social media, measuring and analysing the impact of PR and its value to a company has failed to progress as quickly.

Proving the value of PR is increasing in importance. The global recession put budgets firmly in the spotlight and as such, companies are ever seeking evidence of a return
on investment.

Measuring and reporting the impact of PR, however, is much easier said than done. Gone are the days when gut feeling was an acceptable justification for labelling a campaign as a success or failure.

So how can effective measurement of a PR campaign be achieved?

Our consultant, Tim Williams, takes a closer look.