Marketing strategy and planning

We build a marketing and sales plan that drives your success

Using our experience and knowledge gained through almost 40 years working with clients throughout industry, and underpinned by market intelligence, research and insight, we work with you to develop a strategy that meets your business goals.

We then develop a plan that sets out specific objectives and targets, combining tactical delivery across all appropriate communications channels with metrics and analysis, to ensure that we deliver against plan and within budget.

Marketing strategy

For some clients, we are their fully outsourced marketing department, but others may have a very specific requirement. We help define business objectives, profile and prioritise target audiences and develop the right mix of marketing activities for your business.

Outlining your marketing strategy includes:

  • setting key objectives/goals
  • defining the target audience
  • building a marketing communications programme
  • aligning marketing with sales

Whatever challenge you want to overcome, we will partner with you to develop a well-oiled machine that meets and exceeds your goals. We take time to understand the real issues, advise on the best strategic approach, align your marketing and sales, and then manage the tactical delivery of activities to ensure the best outcome.

Campaign planning

Assembling marketing components geared towards a specific message can deliver great results. It allows for a more focused approach in promoting a new product, a unique selling point, or promotion. Through our inbound and outbound marketing specialities, we can deliver a consistent branded message to a niche audience through a personalised and unique experience.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. By developing and planning campaigns, you can mold your message and objectives into a machine that will automate customer connections to not only increase leads, but to also save you time, so you can get back to business development or other priorities.

How we help you meet your marketing and sales challenges

With a deep understanding of your objectives, industry and target markets, we engineer and deliver a marketing plan that delivers measurable and long-lasting results.

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