Challenges Today's Marketer Faces

Top Challenges Faced By Today’s Marketers

As a marketer it is easy to lose sight of the end goal as you juggle budgets, internal priorities and external audience expectations. However, HP’s CMO Antonio Lucio brought the role of the senior marketer squarely back into focus recently when he said:

The job of a senior marketer is more complex than it has ever been but the key to becoming a more influential marketer has never been simpler – drive growth in your business”.

This sounds refreshingly straightforward, yet when the weight of the organisation is wanting the focus to be on short-term goals, it is difficult to keep your eyes firmly set on the longer-term business growth horizon. More than ever before B2B marketers are being required to be builders and visionaries as well as online experts.

Marketers biggest challenges

A recent survey by Adobe asked 1,300 senior marketers in Europe what were their biggest perceived challenges, and how they saw the way forward.  The answers showed that the digital transformation we are experiencing as a generation is giving marketers both opportunities and anxieties:

  • 81% felt the pace of change was accelerating
  • 2/3 said that marketing was increasingly responsible for revenue contribution to the business
  • 73% said that customers expected more compelling content
  • 68% said that customers were wanting better mobile experiences

Data utilisation and the ability to work across channels were also considered to be top determinants of future success, with 60% of those surveyed hearing of a new marketing channel within the previous month alone.

No man is an island

John Donne might have penned the poem ‘No Man is an Island’ back in the 16th Century, but the sentiment is still true today.  No marketer can be an expert in every field and that is where the strength of agencies comes in.  Agencies that specialise in digital marketing and content creation bring the following to the marketer:

  • accumulative specialist knowledge that exists within the agency
  • expertise across multiple areas, from copywriters and PR’s to SEO specialists and video content creators
  • a sounding board for prospective on and off-line strategies and tactics
  • an ability to build long-term relationship with top digital and print influencers

Whether you are the marketer of a global industrial or B2B brand or building a self-starter from scratch, this is the age of digital transformation and your customer has a powerful voice.  If you want to be leading the conversation, rather than following it, the time to begin is now.

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