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Building market awareness, brand reputation, engagement & demand

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At 4CM, we work exclusively with B2B clients in the manufacturing, industrial, engineering and logistics sectors.

We work with SMEs, with revenues from a few million pounds upwards, through to major multi-nationals. In each case, our laser-sharp focus on the manufacturing sectors means that we are able to hit the ground running, understanding your technologies, markets, customers and challenges.

Just as importantly, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, gained through our work with a wide range of B2B clients over many years. Our team of marketing, sales, PR and digital experts provide the ideas, insight and imagination that will power your business, helping you build market awareness and brand reputation, engage with customers and prospects, and drive demand.

How we help you meet your marketing and sales challenges

With a deep understanding of your objectives, industry and target markets, we engineer and deliver a marketing plan that delivers measurable and long-lasting results.

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Marketing for manufacturing companies in the UK
Marketing for logistics companies in the UK

How we do it

Learn more about the services we offer and how we’ve joined forces with industrial companies like yours to deliver outstanding results. Some of our clients partner with us to act as their full-service, outsourced marketing department; others need support with specific services, such as PR, social media or PPC, to help their in-house marketing and sales teams. We provide a full set of marketing tools to help industrial companies grow market share, target key accounts and build a healthy pipeline.


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