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We’re one of the few marketing agencies that works exclusively with industrial companies; and we’re the only agency in the UK that has a track record in the sector that stretches back for more than 35 years.

We understand industrial technology. Just as importantly, we know how to turn technical product data and specifications into compelling sales and marketing messages that resonate with your customers. We know how to tease out the critical information from your experts, converting features into customer benefits, and solutions into the customer outcomes that grab the attention of the decision makers, influencers and specifiers that make up your target audience.

In short, we know how to leverage the power of strategic and tactical marketing to:

  • Build market awareness and brand reputation
  • Identify, engage and nurture customers along the buying journey
  • Drive demand and generate sales leads for your industrial business

We’ve successfully developed and implemented marketing programmes for clients that manufacture just about everything; from bearings and seals, sensors, drives, motors and pumps, to pallets, workwear and industrial cleaning services.

A full range of marketing services for industry

We’re a full-service marketing agency for industrial companies, offering:

Digital marketing for industrial companies

The way in which industrial companies approach the market has changed dramatically. The traditional marketing approach to build market awareness and generate sales leads no longer works.

A radical new approach to the challenge of finding and nurturing customers is needed. That’s where we’ve led the way, helping industrial companies identify and exploit the opportunities offered through the power of digital marketing.

We can help your industrial business develop an effective digital marketing strategy, that’s integrated with your sales activities, and then implement the tactics that underpin future growth.

How we help you meet your marketing and sales challenges

There’s nothing like hearing genuine reviews from real companies that are all current clients of ours.

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“The role of marketing is often less clear in sophisticated B2B markets such as engineering, and adding creative agencies to the equation often tends to result in style over substance, due to inabilities to grasp complex subject matters and relate to niche target audiences. 4CM have found the sweet spot and are a breath of fresh air! They got up to speed so quickly, impressing our experienced sales team with their industry knowledge from day one, and confidently controlled customer visits. More importantly, this all resulted in genuinely rich content that was right on the money for our audiences. If you’ve been looking for similar support, give them a go!”

Spencer Stevenson
, Digital Marketing Manager, Industrial Business Group, 3M United Kingdom PLC

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